SIBOTTE SJ8099 mechanical watch

Color : steel black black surface

Barrel-shaped watch case:
The profile is tough, deep and three-dimensional
Buckle silicone strap:
Excellent texture. comfortable to wear

Powerful luminous display:
Scale & pointer, covered with environmental luminous coat-ing, can absorb light source energy storage according to
Sunshine duration, can also clearly control the time at night

Watch analysis:
lmported movement, accurate travel time, appearance and strength coexist

Three-dimensional hollow-out surface:
Neat and tough design of watch case
Complex and precise movement structure
All convey the mechanical sense of strength

Sapphire glass watch mirror:
Transparent and bright through thousands of friction resistance testing procedures
Scratch-resistant andwear-resistant detail control

50m deep waterproof:
Both hand washing and face washing can be worn to meet your daily needs.