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We know that our company would not exist without precious watches and passionate watch lovers. But we don't just love high-quality timepieces and their admirers. The complexity of information technology and the challenges of the global marketplace also motivate us to go one step further every day. Because web and mobile technologies are our core competencies,

We take your satisfaction seriously and provide professional, dedicated service to every customer, no matter the size of the order. Your support requests will be answered quickly, and our best-in-class live chat service provides real-time support whenever you need it.

We are now no longer just a company that simply sells watches, but a company that is directly involved in the production of new and innovative watch models. We believe that our products and services should be the best support for watch collectors around the world.
I have a world-class watchmaking factory in China; our craftsmanship can make excellent mechanical watches; we have been in the watch industry for ten years; we have very good watchmakers and watch designers; and we guarantee your watches will be very durable and stylish.
If you buy our mechanical watches, they will be with you for a lifetime and will not stop moving. I hope you will become one of our loyal customers.
All services on this website are provided by "Nanchang Qingdian Culture Media Co." Our address is located at: Floor 3, Building 3, Yayan Dachuang Center, Aixi Village Industrial Park, Chuangxin 2nd Road, Nanchang High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province
Room 3304,
You can contact us by email at tingxicm@outlook.com.

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